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Six Feet Under Episodes
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Little Grey Cat [userpic]

I'm sorry to report that the makeover WON'T be happening this weekend as planned. Most of my notes are on a file on the computer I just reformatted, and the backup won't backup like it's supposed to. This is causing me much trouble.

I should be able to re-create my notes by next weekend, though.

And I really apologize for the delay, I was looking forward to having this community going again after this.

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Little Grey Cat [userpic]

I'm afraid things are not going as quickly as expected, and the work I was planning to do on the community will not be finished today.

Tomorrow evening it'll be done.

Little Grey Cat [userpic]

I apologize for not doing anything with this community for so long. Life has been in the way, but things have now settled down to a more manageable pace, so I'll be getting back to my responsibility here.

I'm planning to re-vamp the format and the membership "requirements" now that the series has finished entirely.

These changes will be coming into effect very soon: I'll be working on them this coming Friday evening, Pacific Standard Time, and should be completed by Saturday evening.

If you've applied for membership recently (in the last few weeks) and have not yet been approved, you will need to re-apply after the re-organization.

Thanks so much for your patience!

Little Grey Cat [userpic]

I'm so behind on membership requests right now it's not even funny.

If you've applied for membership within the past 30 days, give me another day or two. I'll be working through them tonight.

If you applied more than 30 days ago, please do apply again because the application gets deleted by Livejournal after that time.

I do sincerely apologize for the delay. Life's been more hectic than I expected it would be.

Little Grey Cat [userpic]

And I just wanted to say, Thank You all!

I've found some very interesting, thought-provoking, amusing, and just plain stupid links and journals while perusing some of these. I wouldn't have found many of these without all of you. Thanks!

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Little Grey Cat [userpic]

Really, all I want to know is this:
Where did you hear about sfu_eps, and
What do you hope to get out of being a member?

Possible reasons you've been rejectedCollapse )
What you can doCollapse )

You MAY NOT ask by posting a comment on my personal journal. This will be grounds for immediate rejection. Why?Collapse )

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