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Six Feet Under Episodes

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Membership in this community is moderated. I will take anywhere up to a week to approve or reject your submission for membership.

**** IMPORTANT: If you have been rejected for membership ****

If you have been rejected for membership and you feel I've done so unfairly, please feel free to contact me about it. My contact information is available on my personal journal info page, but you MAY NOT post a comment in my personal journal asking why you were rejected. This will be grounds for immediate rejection for no other reason than that it's RUDE. If you went to the trouble to look at my personal journal in the first place, you'll have seen that I've got PLENTY of other contact methods, and I'll make the assumption that you were just too lazy to either: (a) Research on your own, or (b) Use any of them.

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Six Feet Under mood theme by </a></b></a>absolut; available here.

When you have joined this sfu_eps community, READ THE RULES!

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Many thanks to </a></b></a>lissafay of </a></b></a>theplan_it for her guidance, and allowing me to draw on that community for inspiration.