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Six Feet Under Episodes
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September 2005
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Little Grey Cat [userpic]
If your application for membership has been rejected/has not yet been approved:

Really, all I want to know is this:
Where did you hear about sfu_eps, and
What do you hope to get out of being a member?

When reviewing memberships, I look at your journal and your userinfo. If you're rejected, it's usually because either:

  • You have a brand-new journal with no entries or friends/communities listed;
  • You are not a member of any similar communities (i.e. theplan_it, lost_eps, greys_eps, etc.)
If you want to talk to me about it, you're welcome to, by the following methods:
  • AIM: Szara Hill
  • YIM: caesara_august
  • MSN: feline_ilk@hotmail.com
  • ICQ: 288948971
  • IRC: irc.esper.net, channel #felineilk
  • E-mail: sixfeetunder@felineilk.com
When using any of these methods, please tell me your livejournal name, and when you applied.

You MAY NOT ask by posting a comment on my personal journal. This will be grounds for immediate rejection. Why? Because you have plenty of other options. That's my PERSONAL journal, it's rude to post a comment just to ask a question totally unrelated to my entry. If you went to the trouble to look at my personal journal in the first place, you'll have seen that I've got PLENTY of other contact methods, and I'll make the assumption that you were just too lazy to either: (a) Research on your own, or (b) Use any of them.

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